Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dhoni Mighili in The Maldives

Dhoni Mighili is the stuff that dreams are made of. A small island in Ari Atoll of The Maldives, to the south west of the capital Mahe.
You can either fly by seaplane from the airport, or be transported in your own personal private Dhoni, a superb start to what should be the vacation of a lifetime

The Dhoni Mighili is only two words, but once seen and experienced, never forgotten. Dhoni Mighili may seem like just another Maldives vacation, but having experienced it, there is just nothing like it anywhere, or at least anywhere that we have ever been.

Just imagine this:

A bungalow with a private plunge pool, and a 65 ft yacht [ called a Dhoni traditional Maldivian boat ] with a crew, and a private butler, and it is all yours from the moment you alight from your intercontinental jet, until you return.

We just loved the whole concept, from not having to pay out any money when you were there, it is very easy to forget how much you paid to get there in the first place!! Nevertheless it makes you feel you are on your own private island, and you can rent all six thatched bungalows plus the dhonis if you can afford it!!

As there are only twelve guests, the service is perfect, down to the last detail, and the Thakuru, private butler ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to what you want.

What a treat to be able to call up your own Dhoni, and crew, to go where you want, and stop where you want, which means you can just go sailing around and swimming from uninhabited islands.

The dhonis are so well equipped, with both sails and motor, comfy daybeds and tons of cushions in the bow. There is a king size bed in the cabin, with all the best kitchen appliances, and bathroom fittings, plus a hidden 30” LCD screen with Bose DVD surround theatre, which is well hidden.

I can tell you, that to be anchored up in your own private Dhoni, off an uninhabited coral atoll, watching’ Pirates of the Caribbean’ with a glass of champagne, sitting next to the person you love, having just eaten a sumptious meal, and been waited on hand and foot by your own personal butler, has no equals in life.

In fact it is all heavenly.

The island itself, is a soft pure white sand shoe, and watch free paradise. The sand is everywhere, even in the main reception and restaurant area.

The whole thing is just so classy and elegant without ever being overstated.

I still think of the bungalow with its’ own IPod, songs already downloaded to take with you, the small details that prove you are somewhere exceptional already taken care of before you arrive.

Everything you can think of has already been taken care of, from the kind of pillows you like, to the perfume of your soap, to your dietary requirements. If you like lobster, you get lobster, if you like steak you get steak, all beautifully cooked.

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